Toad Error when running a query on Version 10 [1 Attachment]

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I have installed in my computer Version 9.0.1, 9.7.2 and I have now installed
version 10

Even though, when I try to run any query on version 10, I get the attached

Toad Error: Access violation at address 0040530E in module
‘Toad.exe’. Read of address 0000000C

Error Ocurred: The application has encountered a problem. We are sorry for the
inconvenience. Can not assign a nit to a Tfont

To see what data error report contains, click_here. (please open attached screen
shot for more details)

Then, I end up using my old 9.7.2 version to be able to work.

Do you know what the root of this error could be? Is there anything I could do
in my end? I really would like to start using Toad version 10 instead

Thank you!!

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Did you try to install a trial copy of the software off the general Quest web
site as your upgrade or did you download the commercial product via the Quest
support link web site – which requires a login ID as you must be current
on maintenance? If so (which often causes this error), you cannot upgrade via a

This was given by our employer (we do have license for these products) and I
believe it’s the commercial product

This was given by our employer (we do have license for these products) and I
believe it’s the commercial product

You may want to try looking in the options and check that the fonts assigned to
the grids and the script output window (if you’re using F5) are valid.

Options -> Data Grids -> Visual -> Fonts

Options -> Execute/Compile -> Script Output -> Font

If all else fails, close Toad, rename your Toad.ini (see the Help -> Support
Bundle -> User Profile Directory for the location) and restart Toad. It sounds
like either a setting didn’t migrate over correctly or a setting is corrupt.


Whether you have a license isn’t what matters. It’s whether they grabbed the
trial executable or the commercial one.

And I have proof that the folks setting up the installs in big organizations
sometimes make a mistake. Our staff got it wrong recently for one of the Toad
family – I forget whether it was Code Tester or TDA. So they had to go back,
get the right installer, recertify the version, and put it out to be installed
again. Lots of time and paperwork since developers like me aren’t allowed to do
anything to their own PCs. (Not trusting me to do so may be a smart move, of

If you start up Toad and go to (I think) either Help -> Register Toad or Help ->
About, it should be obvious if you’re working with the trial version. If you
are, then they need to get the real version and install it for you. Somebody on
the Toad team should be able to give you more detailed instructions; everything
I have is licensed so I’m not positive exactly what you need to look for, but I
remember it being easy to see.

– jim

It might still be worth checking that whomever did the download of the new
version got it from our support web site and not the general Quest web site.
They simply may have not known that the differences between trial and commercial
require them to use their special login account to download their updates and/or
new versions. It’s a simple thing to check and could be the source of the