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Toad for Oracle 12.12 and Windows 10


Hi i have installed toad for oracle 12.12 in a Windows 10. When i log in my database i have this error “Can’t initialize OCI. Error -1”. Have you an idee ? The user is domain admins


OCI is the Oracle Call Interface, so check to make sure you’ve installed your Oracle Client correctly.

Alternatively, try other means of connecting to the database (e.g. direct, etc.).

Lastly, Quest Support can certainly help if you’re on maintenance.


Actually “Direct” and “LDAP” are alternatives to the tnsnames.ora file, but they still both use the OCI.

This may help:…/32-64-bits-toad-and-oracle-clients


Thanks for pointing out that OCI is still used for the other connection methods, and thanks esp. for the link… very useful post, John.