Toad for oracle crashing while starting

I have installed oracle instant client for toad.
Both are 32 bit.

While opening TOAD I m getting error as " cannot open file "C:\ Oracle\ instantclient_19_15\bin\oci.dll". Access is denied .

Tnsping is working from cmd.

Can someone help

Seems like a file permission problem.

Is TNSPing.exe in your instant client? I don't have it in my instant clients. I'm wondering if you can TNSPing because you have another client also installed.

In c:\oracle have following folders

Instantclient l_19_15

Oracle home is set to c:\oracle\product\19.0.0\client_32
In both environment variables and registry.

Tns admin: it is set to j drive which is shared location where there is tnsnames.ora file present.

Which version of Toad is this?

Older versions of Toad (I think around 13.x and prior but I don't remember for sure) did not support a BIN folder within the instant client folder.

Toad version is 11.6

You may be able to work around it by moving everything in the instant client BIN folder to the folder above. You should have a system path entry pointing to the location of OCI.DLL. So you will probably have to change that too.

So should I add C:\Oracle\instantclient_19_15\bin\oci.dll" in my PATH environment variable?


You should:

  1. Move everything in C:\Oracle\instantclient_19_15\bin to C:\Oracle\instantclient_19_15.
  2. Delete the bin folder from C:\Oracle\instantclient_19_15
  3. Add a path entry to C:\Oracle\instantclient_19_15.
  4. If there is one, remove the path entry for C:\Oracle\instantclient_19_15\bin

Didn't work
Same issue

Restart after changing path.
If that's not it, then I'm not sure what else to suggest.
Your version of Toad is much older than the version of Oracle client that you are trying to use. You may just need to update your Toad or get an older Oracle client.

We just came out with Toad version 16.1 yesterday. Get it if you have access to it. It's very nice.

Thanks for your help.