Toad installation error ver. 3.8


I have encountered an error during the installation of the latest version of TOAD 3.8. ( see the attached screen shot).

My system WIN 10 64 bit.

any suggestions ?



I think it would be best if we help you through support. Can you make open a support ticket? In general we have certified Windows 10. The error you display infers that there is a a mix match of Microsoft dlls but i would not want to tell you what dlls to install until I see a full error log. I would need to aquire an installation log which support can tell you how to generate.

Hello Debbie, I will open a support ticket on Monday when I return to my office.

Hi Debbie,

I was not able to recreate error as my entire system went down. I needed to rebuilt WIN 10 from the ground up. After that, I was able to install version 3.8.

Good to hear