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Toad not starting

Sarting this morning when I click on Toad icon to luch the application, it tries to open but quickly disappears and won’t start. I have rebooted many times. Any idea what the issue is?



First you need to tell

  1. Windows version and x64/x86,
  2. Toad version (x64/x86)
  3. Oracle client version (x64/x86).
  4. Directory where you installed Toad and Oracle.
    Then I can tell you directory where some lg files resides.


If you have used “program Files (x86)” directory for any of mentioned installation, you might suffer some problems because of that. But this is pure guessing.

Damir Vadas

Thank you, deleted some logs and it starts working.


Maybe for other users would be nice to know what you did … so if you have time please post your solution.




Removed the App Data\Roaming folder.