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Toad/TDA question


I know this isn’t where I should be asking about licensing, but I think I may
get a clearer answer here.

We’re (finally) upgrading from 9.6 to 10.5 – I know, just before 10.6 comes
out, but it’s the best our folks can do. We’re on support, of course. Most
licenses for base, some pro, some dba, some suite.

Some of us, all licensed for various versions of Toad for Oracle, have been
using TDA. We installed the licensed version and TDA has been picking up the
Toad for Oracle key like it’s supposed to.

But our testing lead for the new version received an email from Troy Hall at
Quest saying this

When you purchase Toad for Oracle we do include TDA but you do not actually own
it. We include it with Toad as more of a trial product. Toad grants you access
but you don’t actually own the license TDA independently. If you get to
the point that where you need TDA because your trial is up just let me know and
I will provide you with an extension key.

I think there’s confusion about what “trial product” means here. I’m guessing
what he may mean is:

Ability to use TDA is included with your Toad for Oracle license.
You need to license it separately if there are any users who aren't licensed
for Toad for Oracle

And not “you only get the Trial version”.

Still, it’s unclear to me from all this whether we should be installing the
trial TDA executable or the production TDA executable when we do our Toad for
Oracle upgrade. I’m assuming it’s the production one, but that email is leaving
us somewhat confused.

Anyway, you folks are the source of all knowledge, so I thought I’d ask.

– jim

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Trials expire, don’t install the trials. The Toad for oracle commercial
installer actually includes the Toad for Data Analysts software as well, so
nothing additional to download.

You get access to the production copy of Toad for Data Analysts along with your
licensed copy of Toad for Oracle.

This actually works in your favor, as you are not being billed for maint/support
on Toad for Data Analysts, you just get to use it at no cost.

As for your 2 bullet points, that’s correct on both counts.



I would like to chime in here, just to add that “official” stamp to
Jeff’s answer.

As a Toad for Oracle customer, you have full access to the production version of
TDA at no additional cost to you. The reason we make a point to say that you
don’t have a separate asset for TDA is that we want to make sure our Toad
users get to use TDA; it’s not designed to pass around to others who are
not Toad for Oracle users. But rest assured; it’s not a trial. It’s
yours to use as long as you’re a Toad customer as our way of saying


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