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TOAD with Informatica installation help

Hi team,

Just a beginner here, so please bear with me :slight_smile:

I’m looking to install Informatica 9.0 soon on W7U 64 bit OS comp and will be using it to load data typically into target db from a source db.

Installed TOAD 8 already which i’d be using to ping the database, But have minimal knowledge on how to create these databases and link it to Informatica?

Heard something about dblink but not sure how to proceed it or create it.

I have downloaded already Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition and will be installing that soon. So how to link these TOAD and Informatica for the usage/

Any link or steps would be useful. Thanks a ton



When you install Oracle 11g, as part of the install you will be prompted to create a database using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA). It’s a pretty straightforward process but if you get stuck just do a web search for DBCA and you will find a lot of help. As for Informatica, once you have the database set up will need to set up a connection through PowerCenter to your Oracle database. Again, there are plenty of web resources out there that talk about how to do that.