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Help creating DBLink in Toad (Oracle to Informix)

Hi All, need help creating DBLink in Toad (Oracle to Informix)

Have you installed and configured Oracle's Heterogeneous Services layer, including the specific Gateway for Informix? See
for more information. Any application, Toad included, will need this layer to provide a "federation layer" and cross-connect ability.

One of our Developers should chime in here, because not sure if the Toad GUI supports cross-platform DB links. However, if so, and assuming that you have the necessary Oracle privileges to define a DB link, then navigate within Toad's Schema Browser to the DB Links object type, and either right-click-> Create, or click on the Create tool bar button.

Other option is to execute within the Toad Editor the appropriate CREATE statement to define your link.

Toad's Create Database Link GUI supports the entire DDL syntax for creating database links outlined here:

I believe the gateway is installed on the server where Oracle resides, and then you database link goes through that gateway to informix.

But Toad's GUI should support all of that (Remember, Toad just builds the SQL - it's Oracle that executes it)