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Tooltips in TOAD appear black

temp - toad black

I'm struggling to find a way to get this to switch back to the normal tooltip hover over. Any ideas?

May need some additional info, like what Toad version you're on, Win OS version, etc. Also, I've seen similar issues when running Toad via RDP, Citrix or other app sharing server.

That aside, what happens if you try to restore desktop defaults? Right-click after last pull-down menu on the main menu bar, per below.

Thank you very much for your replies.

I am running Toad via RDP. Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit. I am connected to corporate CITRIX VPN, but not using the CITRIX RDP icon to connect to the pc. Just mstsc.

Unfortunately this happened on a lower version of TOAD (v12) as well. I was hoping upgrade to latest would resolve but it has not. I tried restore desktop defaults, but no luck.

Hi Nisha,

Thanks for the info.

I'll try to reproduce this soon. Is it all hints in Toad (for example, there are also some in the schema browser if you hover over an object name) or just on the toolbars?


Hi John,

Cheers for taking a look into it.

For Hovering over object name - this does not happen, only in the toolbar icons.


I just tried Toad 13.3 over RDP (my machine is WIndows 10, the machine I RDP'd to is Windows Server 2016). I don't have any way of throwing Citrix into the mix.

Did you change any of the connection properties or just take the defaults? Just the defaults here.

Hi Nisha,

Have you tried downloading the Toad 14.0 beta and seeing if the problem exists in there? We added an option to use enhanced toolbar tool tips in Toad 14.0 that should be available in the beta.

If you haven't tried it yet, feel free to download the beta and give it a shot. You can download the beta here:

When you run Toad 14.0 Beta, you can find the option by opening up the Options window and selecting Toolbars/Menus -> Toolbars -> Use enhanced hints / tooltips.


Hi John,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I must have missed the email with your response. I installed v14.0.75.662 and this worked like a charm without changing any defaults. Thank you very much, I'll pass this info back to my team.