Topic: 6.4, SP-Editor no new line when Enter key was hit.

Hello down under,

When working on a stored packages sometime (from time to time) the editor no longer insert new lines when I hit the enter key. The cursor just jumps one row down, however no new line is inserted.
Sadly to say so far I was not able to identify a/the special situation that may make this happen.
The only way to end such a sitiation is to close the editor and open it again.
However this is very anoying.

Can someone confirm such a behavior?

Win7, 64 bit.

Thank you

Hi Andre,

It sounds like the Insert mode of the code editor was set to “Overwrite” when you were having the problem. Can you check the status bar when you see such problem again? You can use keyboard Insert key to switch the Insert mode back to “Insert” then new line will be added when you press Enter key.

I hope this helps.


Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your response.
It is quite possible that this may have caused the problem.
Maybe I had unintentional hit the Insert key. However, I cannot say for sure that I have not done it.
If it happens again I will check it.