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Treeview refresh current node doesn't stay on selected item.

John, this is an old issue. When in Treeview, I have a node expanded and an item selected. Clicking Refresh current node changes the selected item to the 1st item in the node. The workaround is to then hit the History Back button. As noted previously, clicking “Refresh all objects” puts you back to your selected item - no extra History Back click required. Is it possible to do the same for “Refresh current node”?

HI Dale,

My first reaction to this was “sure, why not?” and I made the changes and tested them. But as I was testing it, I realized that I sometimes use the “refresh current node” button to get the full listing of all objects of the current type in the RHS. I’m probably not the only one who does this, so I am hesitant to take that away.

I’m happy to do automatically jump to the prior object with something like CTRL+Click on the “refresh current node” button, but maybe it’s just as easy to just do the refresh, then click the history button. thoughts?


Of course I’d prefer it to be consistent with the Refresh all objects. And in treeview, there is always the Move up one level button to take you to the top of the list, if that is a goal of your refresh. Usually I refresh because I’m not finding what I’m looking for at the current location, so it always requires the History Back button, unless the node has few items. I was looking to reduce the number of clicks. Maybe a CTRL-“refresh current node” for one or the other?

Consistency is good, but setting that aside, for the moment…

Are you refreshing to find new packages in the LHS or because the current object that you are looking at has changed?

If the former, why then would you want to return to the object you were just looking at?

If the latter, why not refresh RHS instead to only refresh the current object and maintain your position in the tree? (OK, I see that refresh RHS does not update the packages’s sub-objects. I am working on that now).

In the former case, I go down to where the name of the object of interest should be (usually a LONG list of objects), don’t find it, do a refresh current node, then do a history-back to go back to the exact spot I was just at to verify the object of interest did appear and then select it. This is the most common scenario for me.

In the latter case, I always assumed the refresh RHS would not affect the LHS. Would be nice if it does. If that is “fixed”, hopefully the refresh current node will also update the local subprogram list.

Next beta, when SB is in treeview mode,

“refresh current node” will browse to prior selected object, as “refresh all” does, and it will update package subprogram nodes in LHS.

“refresh detail panel” will update packages subprograms in LHS.

John, thank you for this change. It seems like a small thing, but makes my work go a bit smoother - a few less point and clicks every day.

You’re welcome, Dale. I appreciate all the beta feedback you give us!