Unable to find definition of any object

I recently upgraded to the latest version of toad (16.0) and in the SQL window when I paste any object name and hit F4, it says invalid table name. Do you guys get the same issue?

What's the fix here? Attached hereby with a sample image where I am trying to get the package definition it says invalid table name. Same for all other objects.

I can't reproduce this issue in my 16.0 version. I can run an F4 (or Ctl-Enter on the object name) to get the Describe window successfully.

Are you using a different connection context, maybe, and Toad can't find in the current schema?

Turn on spool sql to see the query that is causing the error:

Main Menu -> Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to Screen.

Then do your F4.

Post the spool SQL output here.

Here is the Spool Output

-- Session: APPS@PEARL12.WORLD
-- Timestamp: 11:53:26.572
Select owner, object_name, object_type
from sys.
where object_name = :obj
and object_type not like '%PARTITION%'
and object_type <> 'UNDEFINED'
and owner = :own
union all
Select owner, constraint_name as object_name, 'CONSTRAINT' as object_type
from sys.
where constraint_name = :obj
and owner = :own
order by 3;
-- ORA-00903: invalid table name
-- Elapsed Time: 0.547 seconds
-- Rows fetched: 0

I see that a table name is missing in the SQL.

Did you have any errors when you first made the connection? If so, what was it? That is what is causing this.

It was working for one database instance, but not for the other instances I had. I rebooted my system and it works now for all. Thanks everyone for your help.