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Unable to locate sqlnet.ora

I'm able to connect to an oracle database and run sql. The tnsnames editor is enabled. The sqlnet editor is not enabled. The sqlnet.ora file is in the same folder as the tnsnames.ora file, but TOAD isn't finding it. Is there a way to manually set the location of the sqlnet.ora file with TOAD.

Is Toad reading the tnsnames.ora file from the location that you expect? If you mouse over the "TNSNames Editor" button on the login window a tooltip will display its path. Alternatively you can open the TNSNames Editor window and the status bar will report its path as well.

Here is the location of the the TNSNAMES.ORA file in toad

Here is the location of my sqlnet.ora

The file manager was showing sqlnet.ora but it was actually sqlnet.ora.txt. I pasted in a sqlnet.ora from another pc and now it works. Thanks.

Good catch. The old "Hide extensions for known file types" option in Windows. I always disable that in my folder options, but usually only after I've been similarly bitten by a .txt file created in place of the intended file extension.

Morning all.

This setting is one of the first things I disable. Anyone leaving it on is a prime candidate for opening a file with the visible name of innocent.txt but it's actually innocent.txt.exe and not so innocent at all.

Norm. [TeamT]