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Unrecognized database format in Automation Designer Import

When importing from a Microsoft Access database gettin the message "Unrecognized database format" for the extension .accdb. Extension .mdb works fine. My coworker just installed for the first time where this message occurs. I have the same version and this does not happen to me. Thanks in advance.

John B.

So, the same accdb file imports nicely in your 14.2 Toad, but not your co-worker's?

It sounds like maybe your coworker has an old version of the MS Access runtime engine

try one of these
2016 driver
2013 driver
2010 driver

Try 2016 first. You have to install the same bitness as MS Office. Hopefully that matches Toad.
If your coworker has an older version of the driver (I'm thinking this is true), that one will likely need to be uninstalled first.

That is correct Gary.