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Where are colors stored?

We have a visually impaired programmer on our staff who uses the latest version of Toad for Oracle Xpert (64-bit).
I am well-sighted, and I would like to engineer a "dark theme" for him by changing my View > Toad Options > Editor > Font and Styling settings, then sharing the whole theme with him at once.

Where is that information stored?

ToadStyles.ini, in the user files folder.

There may be more than one user files folder on your PC. The correct one can be found like this:

  1. In Toad, Go to Options > General.
  2. Under “Application data directory” section click on “Open folder”
  3. Keep this folder open in Windows Explorer. It is safest to close Toad at this point.
  4. In Windows Explorer, go into the User Files folder.

If you don't mind, please share your ToadStyles.ini here, so that others may benefit from it.


I found the file you referenced at
%appdata%..\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\14.0\User Files\ ToadStyles.ini .

It is a standard ini file format. The first line says

I'm wondering where in the Toad for Oracle application UI do the names like "alternative" and "brick" appear?

Well, at least in one place you'll find names like that (e.g. "Brick" and "Wheat", etc.)

If you get into the Toad Options base (View->Options) and click on the Data Grids|Visual page, you'll see names like that in the Active Style drop down list in the Styles section. These appear to be taken from a list of Windows visual styles/themes, but can be applied to the data grids within Toad.

Okay good. That tells me that Options > Data Grids > Visual is clearly stored within the ToadStyles.ini file. Once again, I'd like to return to the question: Where are the colors for Options > Editor > Font and Styling stored?

Ah. I found it ... Those colors are stored in EditorLexers.xml.

If any readers come up with a great "Dark Mode", please provide your EditorLexers.xml file here for us all to benefit from. Thanks!

And @Gary.Jerep, would you please let us know when we can have a full-fledged Dark Mode that covers all the rest of the colors, like a modern professional Dark theme? It has been a very long time since this topic was covered in the forums.

~ Shaun

So, we can get you part of the way there... e.g. our Toad Editor fonts and styling colors can be changed in the Toad Options base, per the screen capture below. Similarly, the data grids styling and font colors can also be changed toward a dark mode.

However, I'm assuming that you mean a true dark mode that covers the rest of the Toad IDE? Probably a job for the Quest Dev team to figure out.

The problem is that we have several different components in Toad, each with their own color schemas.

There is the VCL, which comes with Delphi (our programming environment for Toad), and includes standard buttons, panels, etc.
There is the menus , toolbars, and grids, which are Developer Express components
There is the syntax editor, which is Scintilla,
VirtualStringTrees (which maybe can follow VCL)
And probably something else that I'm forgetting and the moment.

It probably wouldn't be very difficult to enable on a "dark mode" for each of these components (which we've done, internally while researching this possibility). The problem is that none of them match and it's quite a mish-mash. :frowning:

It is on our radar though.

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Ha! IfToad came configured in dark mode, that would be the first thing I turned off! :grin:

I don't "get" this recent fashion for dark modes everywhere. Am I too old these days, I wonder?

Norm. [TeamT]

Hi Norm,

I am not one to follow fashion, but I do like dark mode on most software. I find it easier on the eyes. I don't like all that white light glaring at me.


That makes sense John, I have been know to tone down the whites too, to an Ivory or even Pale Yellow myself.

I am running VSCode in a dark mode -- as there is a choice of two, and the darker one looks better! I'd prefer to change it, but it's a faff.

Take care, stay safe.

Norm. [TeamT]