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Windows update/restart - now Toad always on top

I'm using 12.8 and my work computer had a forced restart today.
After restart - now Toad is always on top for focus. I must minimize manually. I do use two monitors, and it's the same on both. I agree with the person who said it might have something to do with windows... but I don't know what. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Using version and have this same issue in Windows 10. Toad when maximized stays on top and has to be minimized to get to other windows, very annoying. No other applications have this behavior.

Is there a setting to disable this?

This shouldn't happen, and there is no Toad setting that I am aware of which would cause this, but if you send me your settings, I'll try to reproduce the problem and fix it.

Instructions on which settings and where to send them can be found here


Thanks for the reply. I rebooted windows and the issue went away.