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Workspace layout is messed up after unlocking screen or remoting to PC


My work PC is running on Windows 8.1 Pro with 3 monitors (1 x 30" UHD + 2 x 19" UHD). Every time screen get locked, unlocked workspace layout is reset to smaller resolution and a little bit messed up (tables location spacing, lines location change). I see even more drastic effect when ever I connect from home where I have 2 HD monitors, models become messed up much more.

I am currently using evaluation version. Not sure if it is related.

Overall I like Toad Data Modeler, but I am wasting lot of time fixing layout. It is definitely a show stopper for buying it if there is no solution to this problem.


thank you for your feedback. Graphics in Toad Data Modeler is based on milimeters and not pixels and that might result in some imperfections in graphics.

We plan to change that, but today I am not able to specify exacly when the rewrite will be available in commercial release. Change request ID is TDM-31.

Evaluation version works the same way as commercial version.



Hi Vaclav,

I wouldn’t describe it as imperfection in graphics. Location and size of the tables change.

So I am not sure if it is the same thing.

Hi Alex,

positions and size of tables are results of calculation that works with screen resolution settings as well. I believe the planned change will solve the issues.

Thanks again,



I hope it will be fixed. I have to share one thing helped me. I switch to 2 monitors of the same resolution and stopped happening when PC comes back from sleep. I think it might be something specific to Windows 8.1. Because I see some other odd things happening to the screen.