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12.8: What is the button "Commit changes to this connection" for?

Looks like I choose the wrong button when customizing my toolbars. Both are called “Commit” in the Commands-list and have the same icon.
However, they have two different tooltips:

Performs two commits (guess one is at the background-session?)

Commit changes to this connection
Does not seem to do anything, at least according to the Spool SQL window

What is this button for?

This has just happened again (since my TOAD configuration has been lost).

Any thoughts?

The “Commit” button is the that is on the main toolbar. If more than one commit is actually performed, the “extras” belong to background sessions.

The “Commit changes to this connection” button is the one that you see if you right-click on a connection button on the connection toolbar. It commits changes for the connection that you right-clicked on (which could be different than the active connection).

My advice is don’t move the latter to another toolbar, because as you have found, it might not do anything anywhere else, or worse, it might commit a connection that you weren’t expecting it to (whichever connection button you last right-clicked on)

Thanks for clarification, did not even realize that I could commit/rollback another connection.

I will try to follow your advice, but this is quite confusing since both commands have the same name and icon, and when opening “Customize… -> Commands -> [ All ]” I only seem to find the wrong command.

Instead of going to “Customize -> Commands -> All”, try this: Once you have the customize dialog up, ignore it. Then just start dragging things around on your toolbar to wherever you want them.

Thanks, this should actually avoid this problem.

I usually remove all toolbars and create my custom toolbar with a few commands afterwards, but I could also create it before and drag the existing commands there.

Hope nobody else tries to use the other buttons, because it’s really confusing if COMMIT/ROLLBACK just do nothing.