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( Describe window on the other screen ruins the right-click menu

2 monitors. Main monitor with 125% scaling. Secondary monitor pivoted, no scaling, desktop extended. TOAD runs full-screen on the secondary monitor.
All works OK until I move it to the main screen (the one with 125% scaling). After the describe is moved to the scaled screen all pop-up menus (right-click or Shift+F10) are displayed on the secondary screen (e.g. to copy from the script output) but using 125% scaling for the size, fonts and position.

That means that when right-clicking at the bottom of the window the pop-up is displayed below the main TOAD window. If TOAD is maximized then the pop-up is "displayed" off the screen.

I tried to reproduce this but for me it is working perfectly. Here is what I did, please correct my steps if I got them wrong:

  1. Start Toad on main monitor (landscape, 125%) and maximize. Open Editor.
  2. describe something, drag to secondary monitor which is portrait. (do I need to do anything in this window or just drag it over?)
  3. go back to editor, right-click near the bottom. For me, the popup menu is high enough so that the whole thing can be seen.

Actually, the other way round - it is the naming of screens...
"Main" is the laptop's monitor - small in inches but large in pixels, so scaled to 125%. The "secondary" is a large, 27-inch, extra, pivoted monitor at 100% scaling.
See my first screenshot above: the portrait is 100% scaling and main=landscape on the right is at 125%.

When I repeated your steps I noticed issues too.
Case 1: "your way" = describe on the 100% screen (not on the screenshot below) while editor on 125% screen:

Case 2: "the other way" = the editor on 100% screen with the same size (still 17 lines) and describe on the 125% screen:

The problem is that all popups use the scaling of the describe window rather than the main window (or to be precise: instead of the scaling of the window the pop-up was opened for).
If the scaling differs between the describe and the main window then popup menus "go nuts" - go off the screen, mouse not hovering over the menu but still selecting entries, positioning of the pop-up, font too large/small, etc.

BTW, the top-right icons of the TOAD windows on the 125% screen do not highlight properly (other apps show fine).

Ok, I have also tried:

  1. Main Monitor (4K), Landscape, 125%. Toad, maximized, with Editor, on this monitor.
    Secondary Monitor, Portrait, 100%. Desc window on this monitor.

  2. Main Monitor (4K), Landscape, 125%. Desc window on this monitor.
    Secondary Monitor, Portrait, 100%. Toad, maximized, with Editor, on this monitor.

In both cases, I right-clicked in all 4 corners of the Editor. In each case, the popup menu appeared in a good place.

I am running Windows 10 (Looks like you are too).

I'm not sure why I can't reproduce it.

Good size of the pop-up menu in both test-cases?
And right-click at the bottom of the script output (when main window maximised and script output docked at the bottom)?
And what about the three title bar icons (minimise, restore, close) on the top-right corner of the window?

Ugh... Can that all be internal to Windows? Can that be attributed to the graphics driver?

Yes, for me, the popup menu was always a good size and completely visible.

Oh, I right-clicked in the edit script area, not script output. Does that make a difference for you?

I wasn't really looking at the title bar icons, but I think they were normal.

Just that the pop-up menu goes off the screen (not visible at all).
Do you mind sending over two screenshots of your tests please? Just a sanity check...


Thanks. Perfect scaling indeed.
I tried to set my scaling same as yours, but it made no difference in my tests. Same for the taskbar options. Pity.
I'd easily given up and attribute the problem to Windows/Drivers if there was any other application having the same problem. Tried Notepad++, "regular" Notepad, MS Word - all do not have problems with scaling if non-modal dialog is on the other screen.
Eh... If there were some "me too"s then maybe it'd made any sense investigating further. Apparently there's something wrong in my display drivers.
Let's give it up then - I'll try to escalate the issue to the graphics driver support.


here is a "me too" :slight_smile:
I have exactly the same configuration and had also the same problem as @czernek.p. The context menus and LOVs seem to be fixed indeed - I could not reproduce it now either. Maybe something within the Windows API changed about reporting relative coordinates (if Delfi uses these at all)? But the popups or "balloon tips" are still affected:

There is no cursor visible on the screenshot so i marked it with a red X (arrr :slight_smile: ). The describe window is open on the other screen with 125% scaling.

Edit: After closing the Describe window:


Which windows version are you on? Windows 10, I guess, but which build? I am on 2004. I think I have one of the older ones laying around, but I didn't think to test those until just now.

Edit: I see the popup hint problem.


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Ha, ha - I haven't even noticed the tooltips as they were off the screen :unamused:

I run even older windows...
And the newest driver for AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics card (ver. 26.20.14001.50001).
I'm escalating to AMD as the "tooltip problem" (as you pointed) is also hitting Google Chrome.

I haven't noticed anything in Chrome, what have you seen there?

When using 125% screen scaling on the base monitor and Chrome runs on the the extra monitor using 100% scaling:

Changing the scaling to 100% for both fixes all:

Bummer - Google Chrome is OK already. Tested in version 85.0.4183.121 and all tooltips are OK now. Ergo, not a driver issue. TOAD is the only one with the scaling problem...

John, can you try with the primary screen (landscape on 125%) much smaller than the secondary (pivoted on 100%), please?

Maybe you will replicate the tooltips positioning problem too:

And when on the bottom half of the screen:

Yes, I see hints in the wrong place that way:

  1. primary monitor, 1920x1080, landscape, 125%
  2. secondary monitor, 3840x2160, portrait, 200% (I know you said 100% but I tried this first)
  3. start Toad. Main Toad window on secondary monitor, describe window on primary monitor
  4. hover mouse over main toolbar and hints appear in wrong place.

Edit: secondary monitor does not need to be set to portrait. Hint appears in wrong place even if both monitors are landscape.

Logged internally as TMB-3680