Automation package input variables

We have n inputs for for our automation package and user is required to enter them sequentially on n screens/pop ups .
is there any way to have all n input entered on one screen and user can submit with one click

You could use a list iterator.

In the example below, "List Iterator1" has 3 variables. The first has a value of A, the second B, the third C.

Then in the Export Dataset action, I could refer to these variables as %List Iterator1.1%, %List Iterator1.2%, and %List Iterator1.3%

The only problem with this trick is that you have to know what each variable is. You can't name them.

If you want your set your variable all at once and you want them to have names, you could put them in the Toad Options window. But that way, there is no popup. You have to remember to set them yourself.

Thanks. But this does not prompt the end user running the package to input the data. What we are looking is for user to input data that we can pass to scripts inside automation. Any other suggestion.

There is no way to get one single prompt for multiple variables at the same time.

Your choices are:

  • Multiple prompts (one prompt per variable)
  • Put them in a table so they can be queried (No prompt)
  • Put them in a file (No prompt)
  • Put them in a list (No prompt)
  • Put them in Toad Options (No prompt)
  • Put them in Windows Environment Variables (No prompt)

I can add an enhancement for version 17.1 for a multi-variable prompt.

We will eagerly wait for the feature