Editor window with multiple tabs won't close when session is disconnected


When I try to close an Editor window for a connection that is no longer present (disconnected from VPN in this particular case), it asks me if I want to save any of the tabs (I have 3 or 4 open), I click “No to All”, I then get the following error:

22:59:34 Error: ORA-12571: TNS:packet writer failure

and it fails to close the Editor window. In order to get it to close, I have to manually close every tab, and then I can close the window.


I have also seen a similar, but more serious issue. I can’t provide the exact details, but an editor window gets disconnected from its connection and can’t be closed. You can’t even exit Toad normally. You close all connections and then kill Toad with the Task Manager. This is in


Can you send your “\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\Toad.elf” (error log) file? I am not sure if this error would have been caught by our exception logging, but if it’s in there it would help to see where the query was being issued from.


This should be fixed for Toad 11 and in place for the next beta. Exceptions raised when closing tabs will no longer prevent the Editor from closing. If the exception is one that indicates a disconnected session you will only see the message once if not using threaded queries. If using threaded queries you will see the message for each threaded session that has been lost which could be as high as the number of opened Editor tabs.


As I posted in another thread related to this problem:

Using Toad 13 and still this bug exists and it’s being around since the 1st version I ever used of Toad. It’s the easiest thing to reproduce. How many extra years do we have to wait to get this stuff fixed? It’s not a cheap piece of software. This and many other annoying, obtrusive and critical bugs render it unusable.

Pere, can you provide some steps to reproduce it? I just followed the steps above in 13.1 and there was no problem.