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Editor Background Color tied to Connection?


Is there a way to set the background color of the editor window so that it is tied to the connection?


Sorry, no. With all of the colors of syntax highlighting, that would probably result in some of your text blending in with the background.


Although it’s been a decade or so since the Great Toad Colorization Wars in the forum and I think it’d be fun to revive them, a per-connection theme (what the OP is ultimately requesting) sounds like a lot of work for us end users to maintain.

My $.02,


In the “Session/New Connection” pop-up, there’s a “Color” column. You can use those to help identify the open windows for that connection later. I use the somewhat obvious color red=Production, yellow=Test, green (lime, actually)=Development with variations for non-SYSTEM connections.


(lime, actually)

Lime is the best!


It’s well known that chartreuse far surpasses lime in colorifickness.


Disclaimer: No color beats Pantone 448 C.


Disclaimer: No color beats Pantone 448 C.

Norm. [teamT]