How to set Editor tab as active among many by default?

I have by defailt opened Schema Browser and Editor in Windows tab, when I start Toad. I'm using Workspaces. Often is also opened Describe Objects. When I also open Describe Objects and save workspace setting at the end. always the last one become active when I open this workspace next time. How to set that will be default active Editor tab?

I tried also under Options > Windows > Auto-open bring to front Editor with no success. Even If I set here Schema browser open Describe Object.

There is no way to mark an Editor tab as default. Whichever tab was active when the workspace was saved, that's the one that will be active when the workspace opens.

BUT - if you have workspaces configured to auto-save, AND when you shut down Toad, AND there is unsaved work in the Editor, the Editor will ask "Do you want to save?" and it will change to whichever tab it is asking you to save. Then that tab becomes the active tab, and the workspace is saved with that tab as the active one. Maybe that is what is happening here.

To get around that, try this:
Instead of shutting down Toad by clicking the X in the top-right corner, or using File -> Exit, use File -> Fast Exit. This will shut down Toad without a bunch of annoying "do you want to save your work" prompts. The active editor tab won't change as Toad is being shut down, and everything in the Editor will be saved to the workspace.

Hi John,
Sorry for late reply. I was out of office. I Always before I close Toad or change connection save my workspace using toolbar button Save current workplace and confirm replace. I have different workspaces for each connection. So this I think then should apply but it doesn't.
I tried also with Fast Exit and is the same, w/o success.

What then settingOptions > Windows > Auto-open bring to front > Editor should do? Where is visible effect of this settings?

Where I can check if If have enabled auto-save Workspace and what is time interval? I can't find this in settings.

There can, but there is no need to make a separate workspace for each connection. A workspace remembers which connections(s) you have open and which connections for each window.

The "Bring to front" option is for when you have multiple windows set to auto-open when a connection is made - which one will it set focus on after windows have been opened. This setting has nothing to do with workspaces.

There is no interval for auto-saving workspaces. The "save" happens Toad shuts down (after all the "do you want to save" prompts), or when you manually save a workspace. That's the only time.

I think maybe I am still not understanding the problem exactly. Is the workspace not re-opening the Editor to the tab it was set to when Toad closed?

Yes, when I open saved workspace which had opened also Describe Objects, next to Schema Browser and Editor, always this tab is active like that:
but I would like this what is look like when I saved workspace:

If tab Describe Objects is not opened then will be saved as active Schema Browser or Editor, depend which was active at time of saving workspace.

Ok thank you for the screen shot. That helps a lot. A lot of people call those "tabs" but they are buttons. Specifically, those are "Window Bar Buttons" because they are on the Window bar. I thought you were talking about Editor tabs, like below.

I will try to reproduce the problem you described and then get back to you.

I just tried to reproduce this, here is what I did and what I see:

  1. I create an auto-save/auto-load workspace
  2. Make a connection and in it, open a Schema Browser, Describe Objects window, and Editor, in that order.
  3. Put focus on Describe window
  4. Go back to Toad, and click File -> Exit
    4.5) When I click in Toad's main window, the Editor becomes the focused window, even though I didn't click the Editor.
  5. Toad shuts down and workspace is saved
  6. Restart Toad
  7. Workspace loads to the state when Toad was shut down (Editor window is selected)

So I don't think this is really a bug. Step 4.5 is what you don't expect, and I understand that, but you can't click on Toad to shut it down without the Describe Objects window losing focus.

I'm not closing Toad when I using workspaces, except when sign out out of Windows. I'm using one Toad instance for each schema connection) I just save one workspace with SQL code inside which I currently work in this workspace and go into other workspace.
For example, inside EBS instance we have different organizations and I always use some windows tabs with code snippets just for that specific organization. So when I switch to another most common code is already waiting for me so I don't have to open it again and again or continue on some previous unfinished. And that logic work fine for me, except that default Windows Bar Button not stay Editor, which it was when I save current workspace. And that is a reason I post Q here why this is not remembered.

I tried to open this widows in order (not just visual but as it was really open inside Toad) you mention but I can't find option to open Describe Objects before Editor, because look like I need some object under cursor, when I press F4 or Alt+Enter. Can be this open at all as empty window by default?

Forget everything that I said before. I misunderstood the problem. I can now reproduce the problem of focus going to describe objects window when workspace is loaded. I will fix it.

If you are running multiple Toads at the same time, they will overwrite each others settings. This is not recommended if you care about things like saving settings (like workspaces!)