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Menu Animation Fade Effect

Hello all. Recently started using Toad 13.1, current Win 10.
Can't seem to disable Menu Animation permanently. Every time I set 'View'>'Customize Menus'>'Options'>'Menu animations:'>none. It is only effective for the current session. If I restart TOAD, it reverts back to .....Fade. Any suggestions?

Was there a solution for this?

I don't even seen a "menu animations" option there. Can you post a screen shot?


Changing to "None" isn't saving on my machine. This "feature" causes a 1-2sec delay on the menus and is very frustrating.


Change your toolbar style to "Enhanced".

Also uncheck this setting in windows

Awesome! That fixed it, thanks :+1:

You're welcome. I'll fix it for next version to ignore the windows setting and use the Toad setting instead.

Hi John,

Do you maybe know if this will this be fixed in version 14.2?

Just installed 14.1 and menus are still behaving like this ... unfortunately the Fade menu option in Performance is managed by my company Windows policy and they don't want to change it ...

Thank you,

Yes. But set your toolbars in Toad to enhanced and I think it will not fade anymore.

It is on the Enhanced setting and it's still fading on and off slowly ...

Sorry, I think I misspoke on that. If you are one 14.1, you can get the 14.2 beta where this problem is fixed. The official release of 14.2 is later this month - the beta version is almost identical to what we will be releasing.

  1. Go here to download the 14.2 beta. If you are interested, you can scroll down on that page to see a list of fixes and enhancements for 14.2.
  2. Leave 14.1 installed. When you install the beta, it will go into its own folder.
  3. The first time you run 14.2 beta, it will pull settings from your 14.1. After that, each version will retain its own copy of settings.


Hey John,

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation, I will wait for the final 14.2 cause that is fixing also another issue about remapping the F5 and F9 (I asked you in another post).

One question, after I install 14.2, can I safely uninstall the older versions (I have installed 12.8, 13.1 and 14.1)?


Hi Marius,

You can actually uninstall 12.8 and 13.1 now if you're not using them.

Then after you get 14.2, once you feel good about it and know that you won't be using 14.1 any more, yes you can delete it.