NET: Invalid input arguments when connecting to Oracle 23c

Of course - no problem on the blackouts. I don't need that info anyway. What you posted is helpful.

The error is coming from the database access components that we use in Toad. I have posted a message on that vendor's forum. Hopefully they will provide an answer in the coming days.

I have added some code the next Toad 17.1 Beta (to be released on January 8th, 2024) such that we will get a call stack from this error instead of handling it with Toad's "connection error" dialog. Then we can pinpoint exactly which line of code inside Toad is having the error.

Please install that beta and make the error happen. You can follow these steps to get the call stack and either post it here or send it to the support person who you opened the support case with. Then we should be able to identify and solve the problem.

Thank you