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Off-topic: Toad for SQL Server renewal experience


I would like to share my experience with the Toad for SQL Server renewal because I am curious to see if this happened to someone else.

In December 2018 I received the invoice for the renewal (in USD) and in January 2019 I renewed the license for another year by paying with a credit card (I received the receipt from the person that processed the payment). Or so I thought. In February I received a new invoice (in CAD) saying that I haven't paid for the renewal. I replied writing that I paid in January and they should check their records. They didn't get back to me. I thought the situation was solved, they made a mistake and they found it.

Fast forward to August, when I logged in to the support site to download Toad for SQL Server 7, it turns out my license expired. I contacted customer service on August 2nd. They opened a case, I provided the invoice and the receipt files, however, I haven't heard from them since.

I also renewed for another product and they charged me the amount in USD even though the invoice was in CAD (they refunded me )

What's going on? Did anyone here have the same experience? I have been using Toad for SQL since 2010.

I hope the Quest folks responsible for this forum will have the decency not to remove this thread. If other customers had a similar experience, we deserve to know.


Hi Bogdan,
sorry to hear this. I'm not going to remove this but I probably won't be able to help you either, 'cause this is rather a development-user focused forum.
I can only suggest to open a support ticket at
Best regards,