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Off-topic: Toad for SQL Server renewal experience


I would like to share my experience with the Toad for SQL Server renewal because I am curious to see if this happened to someone else.

In December 2018 I received the invoice for the renewal (in USD) and in January 2019 I renewed the license for another year by paying with a credit card (I received the receipt from the person that processed the payment). Or so I thought. In February I received a new invoice (in CAD) saying that I haven't paid for the renewal. I replied writing that I paid in January and they should check their records. They didn't get back to me. I thought the situation was solved, they made a mistake and they found it.

Fast forward to August, when I logged in to the support site to download Toad for SQL Server 7, it turns out my license expired. I contacted customer service on August 2nd. They opened a case, I provided the invoice and the receipt files, however, I haven't heard from them since.

I also renewed for another product and they charged me the amount in USD even though the invoice was in CAD (they refunded me )

What's going on? Did anyone here have the same experience? I have been using Toad for SQL since 2010.

I hope the Quest folks responsible for this forum will have the decency not to remove this thread. If other customers had a similar experience, we deserve to know.


Hi Bogdan,
sorry to hear this. I'm not going to remove this but I probably won't be able to help you either, 'cause this is rather a development-user focused forum.
I can only suggest to open a support ticket at
Best regards,

Finally, after almost a month of exchanging emails with different departments I've been able to download Toad 7. In a way ironic, unfortunately, I find that the issues with the editor being slow in my context makes it unusable, so I had to go back to 6.8 which works fine.

Hi Bogdan,
that's odd. We've actually made some perfomance adjustments in the last releases that make Toad quicker.
What exactly are you trying to do that is slower in 7.0 than in 6.8?

Bogdan, is your experience similar to this one here?

I haven't checked the ram usage but I posted here:Toad for SQL server v7 gets very slow.