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Problems with Toad 14.0 crashing

Oh yeah, I have word wrap enabled, didn't notice that at first glance.
By disabling this - it does not crash.

So it was reproducible in latest beta also, yes..?


Yes, it happens in latest beta also.

The application is unusable in it's current state. Can you advise when a fix will be available? What's the most recent actually production quality build so we can get back to it until Quest resolves this issue?

Matt, does turning off the word wrap option make your Toad not freeze up, or do you have a different problem?

Hi John, thanks for the quick reply. I don't have word wrap enabled at all, and just had the exact same behavior when I select a section of text and hit delete key. I'm on, I had the beta earlier and experienced the the issues there too.

Hi Matt,

You said "earlier" - how much earlier did you try the beta? Would you mind trying again with the latest? If you still have a beta installed, and it is version 15.0, you'll have to uninstall and reinstall the latest due to the version number changing - it is now 14.1. You can get the beta here

There was hanging problem with selection of text and space bar, I'm not sure if that applied to delete key as well. This was fixed in beta (at least with spacebar)

If the problem persists in latest beta, let us know, so we can figure out what's causing it and get it fixed.



a couple weeks ago, I have beta

Well, there is a later version but I don't think it will solve your problem unless it's due to connection timeouts.

Please follow the steps detailed here to send me your user files folder.

Also some steps to repeat the problem (as best you can if you don't have exact steps). I know you said select and delete text, but is there any more to it?

I'll try to repeat the problem next week. I'll be out the rest of this week due to holidays



I'll do that as time permits, but can you tell me the prior stable version (ie. without this defect)?

Well, it's hard to say because we haven't identified the exact defect that you're having, but try version 13.3. Get the same bitness (32/64) as your current version of Toad so you can use the same Oracle client.

Different Toad versions can be installed side-by-side. So 13.3, 14.0 and beta can all be installed without problem. They each keep their own copy of settings, so you don't have to worry about any conflicts there.

Let me know if it happens in 13.3 or not.

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Also, Try this in 14.0, it may solve the problem:

  1. In Toad, Go to Options > General.
  2. Under “Application data directory” section click on “Open folder”
  3. Keep this folder open in Windows Explorer and Close Toad
  4. In Windows Explorer, go into the User Files folder. Toad.ini is in there.
  5. Double-click Toad.ini to edit with Notepad.
  6. Find the [SETTINGS] section and add these lines under it:
  7. Save Toad.ini and try Toad again.
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Toad, 64-bit, I can consistently create the "Toad Not Responding" issue:

  1. Go to Editor and select an invalid table "SELECT * From XXX"
  2. Press F9, it will display the "ORA-00942" pop up dialog
  3. Dismiss the dialog (Click OK)
  4. After it dismisses, press enter (The XXX table name is highlighted at this point), TOAD will lock up "Not Responding"

Doing those steps in prior versions, no issues. Bug?


Yes, I'd call that a bug. I tried to reproduce it but unfortunately, I could not.

I have a few ideas:

  1. Go to Options -> Editor -> Behavior. Uncheck "Display SQL errors in popup dialog". Does that help?

  2. Scroll up to my reply on Nov 20 and try those steps.

  3. Try the beta. Toad for Oracle 14.1 Beta (Do not uninstall your 14.0 version. The beta requires the latest official version to also be installed.)

If those don't fix it, I'd like to get a copy of your user files folder so I can try to reproduce it. But I am hopeful that it's already fixed in beta. We did solve a few lockup issues, but admittedly, this exact issue does not come to mind.

I did try "Uncheck "Display SQL errors in popup dialog" already, no luck. I was trying to find settings where it highlights text to see if I could change it to not highlight. But TOAD 13 no issues and it looks exactly the same as my example. The XXX will be highlighted, I hit enter and the XXX is deleted. This is in In 14 it seems like it is trying to do something with the XXX and gets hung up.

Oh, it gets hung after you hit Enter (at first I thought you were hitting enter to make the dialog go away). OK, yes, I can reproduce that and I believe that one is fixed in beta.

I can also easily reproduce the issue with these commands (, 64-bit).
But in my case I am not getting any dialog box, where to click OK (P3 - dismiss the dialog)
Having that said, I will press enter and crashes.

So quite a lot of (3 known to me) "toad crashing" issues with this version (, 64-bit) :confused:


@raul.kaubi Are you able to use the beta?

I don't have time at the moment to try beta, but sounds like you are pretty confident it is fixed so I will just wait for the next official update, thanks!

The next official version is due out sometime around March.

Although I highly recommend taking the time to install and use the beta. The majority of the changes in it are bug fixes.

I just installed beta, version.

Couldn't reproduce any of these crashes:

  • In editor word wrap enabled with long oneliner sql
  • In editor selecting text and using spacebar to delete it
  • In editor running sql with invalid table, F9 and then enter