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Sorting result set of a query sometime throws "Query does not have a session"

I often order the result of a query, executed from an editor window, by clicking on the desired column. Sometime this throws a "Query does not have a session" error.

Currently it does it each time, in different sessions, in different editor windows, although the session still exists.

I'm using V13.2.0.230 and TOAD is configured to "Execute queries in threads".

Hi Dirk,

I am trying to repeat this but so far it's working OK. Can you provide any more details on how to make it happen?

I've got "execute queries in threads" set...2 editors open (same connection), couple of tabs in each. I'm just running queries (returning only about 100 rows) in one or the other and then clicking the column headers in each one.

What are you doing in between running a query the first time and then clicking a column header from its grid?


Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the problem right now. Once it reoccurs, I try to find out what the trigger could be.