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TfO: Automation Designer Flow Control Issue/Question

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In creating an App that uses the "Export Dataset" (with Excel), I am wanting to create a copy of an a "template" workbook, then create several sheets that correspond to different SQL statements.

I created the following app: (Note: the timeout shells are because the app runs faster than Excel can handle the open-write-close of the workbook. It causes a Unable to open an open workbook error).

The problem I'm having is with the "Shell Create_Copy.BAT" shell execute step.

Even though it is in the "Connection Iterator 1" loop, it only executes once. (It is a simple copy with a Command Shell parameter to name the Template correctly)

The program flow doesn't follow the listing of the program, hence, it is creating workbooks and worksheets out of order, and makes everything completely wonky. If I only have one connection, it works perfectly.

Seems like a basic Program Flow Control issue. What am I missing.

From a high level perspective, your flow should work. Especially if you're saying that the flow works if there's only one connection in your iterator.

Have you tested the Connection Iterator with just the Create_Copy.BAT step inside? Does that work for more than one Connector?

Does the runtime log trail give any hints?

I can reproduce it. I think there is a bug here.

It looks like we are executing the first child action against all logins, then the 2nd against all logins, etc. And since the ShellExecute is not database-related, it doesn't care about logins so it just executes once.

This seems really counter-intuitive and I don't think is what we intended.

It should do something more like this:

With each connection
do the first child action, do the second child the last child action

I'll fix.