[Toad for Oracle 12.7] Toad Intelligence Central Toolbar


Ever since I downloaded and installed Toad for Oracle 12.7, I cannot get the Toad Intelligence Central toolbar to stay ‘gone’. Every session I have to right click and uncheck the toolbar to get rid of it - I don’t have this issue with any other toolbars that I’ve de-selected.

We don’t use TIC and don’t plan to, plus I have limit screen real estate, so it’s rather annoying to have to keep doing this Every. Single. Day.

Is there a config file somewhere that I can edit to keep it gone, since obviously my preferences in that matter aren’t being saved for some reason? OS is Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit.

This works OK for me. If I right-click to uncheck the toolbar, then restart Toad, it stays gone. The config file for toolbars is Toolbars.ini in your User Files folder, but an easier thing for you to try would be to right-click on your toolbar and restore defaults, then restart Toad, then customize it again. I think that will work after that.

This has been fixed in 12.8.

I am also running into this same issue using Toad 12.7 on Win7 32-bit. When will 12.8 be released?

Mid-fall-ish. A 12.7 patch will be out sooner that has this resolved. I don’t believe a patch release date has been set yet.

Thanks for your quick response, Michael!