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TOAD Popup Editor hides on minimize


My TOAD version is

Whenever I double-click on a CLOB column, a popup editor appears for the first time and I am able to see it's contents. Now if I minimize the popup editor it just hides (goes to the background and does not show minimized). Now if I double-click the CLOB column again, it does not show the popup editor back and I have to resatrt TOAD to get back to normal. I suppose second time after minimize it does not show because it knows it is already open, but actually hiding. I am new to this software, please suggest if there is a setting to adjust to be able to view the popup window in the application tray where windows are supposed to minimize and not just hide.


I can reproduce the problem in the current version and will fix. There is no setting that you can adjust, sorry. Just close clob editor instead of minimize it and it should re-open next time you double-click.

I didn't test this in version 12.11, but I can get the clob editor to start working again if I just re-execute the query.

Edit: Now that I look at this more closely, I see that the window is minimized on my computer, and I can un-minimize it by clicking the icon for it in the window title bar. That said, I can see how it would be easy to not find. I'll make a change so grid double-click restores the window too.