When Enable Scheduler JOB


I make Secheduler Jobs (CLN_01) and script SQL ORACLE (cleansing data) inside of Scheduler Jobs. And I set Schedule to running at 01.00 AM. My issue when enable Scheluder Jobs and then My Scheduler Jobs is running after I enabled this Scheduler Jobs.

Is there any configuration in TOAD to resolve My Issue ?


Welcome to the Forum Andrie.

There are a couple of potential reasons why your scheduled task immediately fires when submitted:

  • When you are defining your scheduler task, click the Advanced button and make sure that "Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed" is not checked.
  • Did you actually specify a start date/time in the future for the task? If not, the default is "now" and the task may start as soon as it is scheduled.

You can check and edit properties of the task in the WIndows Task Scheduler, if you need to change anything, as well as changing it from within Toad as well.


Norm. [TeamT]