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Toad 13.3 on Windows 10 won't start

This morning, my computer was sluggish and I clicked on the Toad icon several times before I realized that they were slowly starting. I went into task manager, killed them off and now Toad will not start.

I do not get a splash screen or anything, when I look at task manager, I see it sitting there not using any CPU but about 28 GB of memory.

Suggestions? I do not have admin rights on my laptop, so that limits what I can do

I suspect antivirus. Are you able to whitelist the Toad executable without admin rights? Failing that you might need to ask the admins to do it for you.

I think McAfee AV caused Toad startups to be incredibly slow in the past. But I might be remembering incorrectly.


Norm. [TeamT]

I use Toad almost every day, do you think it would suddenly start blocking? Let me see what I can do

Also, we use Symantec

I cannot find anything in Symantec logs and nothing is called out...

Morning Brett,

I use Toad almost every day, do you think it would suddenly start
blocking? Let me see what I can do

It is possible that an update to your AV system has reverted Toad back
to not whitelisted.

There might be another cause though. So:

Shutdown Toad.

Find toad.ini - for my 13.3 install on Widows 10, it's in c:\users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.3\User Files.

Edit the file and add DEBUG=1.

Restart Toad.

The file ToadDebug.txt should be investigated for any obvious problems,
and if necessary, posted here - check it for anything that might be
company confidential/personal/identifying of course.

Then repeat the above to turn debugging off (DEBUG=0 or just delete the



As far as I can tell, the ToadDebug.txt file is not being created after adding DEBUG=1. Is it in the same directory as the toad.ini file? Searching the PC for the file did not find anything.

Toad definitely should not be gobbling up 28Gb of RAM before it even starts.

How about this?

  1. with Toad not running (not even in task manager), rename C:\Users\(your username) \AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle to C:\Users\(your username) \AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\BACKUP Toad for Oracle
  2. Try starting Toad again

This will restore Toad to a freshly installed state.
If that solves it, the problem must be in those files and I'll want to get a copy of them for debugging. Additionally, I can help you move back some of your settings.
If that does NOT solve it, then the problem is due to some change external to Toad.

Hi Brett,

it should be, yes. I can only assume that Toad isn't getting to the point of writing the file for some reason.

I see John has replied also, follow his instructions and ignore me for now! He knows what he's doing! :wink:

Norm. [TeamT]

I am now getting this error..



Can you copy that file over from the backed up folder?

No, says I have to be an administrator to do it... I can't even create an empty file with the same name. Talking with our System Admin team to see if something changed.

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Worked with my system admins on this and they also can't figure it out at first glance. They even set Toad to run with Admin permissions..

Issue is resolved, Cyberark Endpoint Management had a rule that got activated recently. The rule is called "Block the stealing of creds using toad".. we disabled it and boom, started working again.

I suggest Toad work with Cyberark EPM to understand why they put in this rule.

I've never heard of them. I'll send an email. Thanks.

Hi John,

same issue here. Looks like corporate Carbon black Cloud sensor version or Zscaler blocking Toad startup.

Hi Ashiq,

I haven't heard of that product either. Maybe there is some rule or something that you can disable. I am still trying to get Cyberark to tell me what they are doing with their rule. :frowning:


@barnhartb Hi Brett. They asked me to pass this on to you:

It could be an issue with a different signature that EPM currently trust. The workaround is to add the new publisher e.g. "Quest Software. Inc." to the exclusion list of that EPM rule. We also recommend the customer to upgrade to the latest EPM version (v11.6) and recheck.

If this still happen please ask the customer to open a case with CyberArk support and provide all agent logs.

If you contact me at, I'll include you in my email conversation with them.

Update: CyberArk's rule is intended block programs other than Toad from reading Connections.XML. But if Toad is being blocked, see above....