Turn off Online Proxy Settings Permanently

I'm running

I would like to uncheck "Use a proxy server" under Toad Options | Online | Proxy Settings permanently. I can uncheck this box, but when I reboot, this setting reverts back to Checked and the proxy information is repopulated according my Internet options in Windows. Is there a way to have TOAD ignore the OS Internet options completely?

My machine cannot reach the Internet (blocked at firewall). Therefore if "Use a proxy server" is checked, I get prompted for credentials 6 times every time I connect to a new database. VERY annoying.

Thanks in advance for any insights!

Try these steps to tell Toad to not access the internet at all. I'm not sure what this has to do with repeated credential prompts for new DB connections, but maybe it will help.

Also, if you can update to the latest version, please do. The latest version, 16.1, is a lot more stable than 14.0.

John, this did the trick for me! As a bonus, TOAD also loads significantly faster for me.

Thanks a bunch!

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